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The primary philanthropic project of the GFWC Varina Woman's Club is to award an Educational Scholarship to one or more graduating seniors at Varina High School.  The scholarship is named for Cynthia Funk,  a Varina resident, GFWC Varina Woman's Club member, and Educator.  The amount and number of scholarships depends on the success of the Club's fundraising projects.  

Congratulations to the our deserving Varina High School 2022 Scholarship Recipient XXXX  The 2022 recipient will receive half of her scholarship money for her first semester of college and if eligible will receive the remainder for second semester.

GFWC Virginia Clubs also support HOBY (Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership) and provide funds for High School sophomores to attend the leadership workshop each spring.    

Contact Us for more information or the Varina High School Guidance Department.

Interested in applying for this Scholarship? Download the GFWC Varina Woman's Club Scholarship Application Below.


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